I don't know how many people are on thebigeasy.space, but I just found out that a longtime forum friend, "Brady's Flung Tablet", who recently invited me to Mastodon, passed away on June 16th. That's all I know at this time. RIP, friend.

Twitter downgraded to third place in my drawer lineup. If you had Parkinson's, you'd understand the importance of app real estate. First and last, prime placement. Third not so much. Honestly, Wikipedia and Flipboard will get opened a lot more by accident.

I swear, if Apartheid Blofeld manages to sink both birdsite and Tesla in one shot I may not stop laughing for the rest of the year.

Whistleblower who aided investigation into Deutsche Bank and Donald Trump found dead in Los Angeles


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Hey, Federated, if anyone is watching, I have

ThatInternetPlace.com, HometownDigest.com and ClickBuyPay.com

for sale.

The first two I've held for 2 decades.

Big dreams for them but God said Ha!


If you're here, you know what this is about.