@shellz_campbell New Orleans has some of the earliest Jewish influence and philanthropy in America. Look up Judah Touro.

I watched the latest "Gentleman Jack", and they went to visit the Penelope Boothby monument, which has been a touchstone for me most of my life. Goodness.

"She was in form and intellect most exquisite. The unfortunate parents ventured their all on this frail bark. And the wreck was total".

Ok, so anti racist rant time. You saw where a gaggle of "Patriot Front" incels used a UHaul as a military transport and were going to attack a Pride event, right? Well, one of the guys, his mommy kicked him out of her house after his arrest. Laudable move, but WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG? She already has taken him in after his marriage imploded over him being a white power ranger. IT SHOULDN'T TAKE VIOLENCE AND LEGAL ACTION FOR YOU TO CUT THESE BOZOS OFF. Simple.

re: biphobia and violence joke 

@saturn @vultureculture It was in a D/s context. She seemed overly concerned that bi men always bottomed with other men and therefore I "wasn't a real dominant". It was fucking ridiculous.

i’m the guy whose online experience is holding onto a goldfish bowl on the back of a jeep

biphobia and violence joke 

@vultureculture I literally had a bisexual woman, an openly bisexual woman, tell me it was icky for men to be bi.

@bee Well, I just read your bio. I tend to identify with Jewishness as an ethnicity after the way my family ran away from it.

@mopedad My kid is mid 20's. He thought he was lesbian for a while. He was pretty butch even as a girl, and when I say he looked like Snow White as a girl, I am not joking.

Upset rant about biphobia in the LGBTQ+ community 

@vultureculture Bi erasure is fucking RAMPANT in mainstream LGBT land. ESPECIALLY bi men like me.

Upset rant about biphobia in the LGBTQ+ community 

Anyway I'm bi or whatever and pride month always leaves a bitter fucking taste in my mouth because of how biphobic both straights and other queers can be. Is it so hard to take me seriously?

I'm neither gay nor straight, I'm bisexual and I prefer to use that term over pansexual, but I'm into a lot of different "types" of people. It's like being attracted to people of the opposite gender as well makes me somehow less valid? Even to the point that this is somehow "not an issue?"

Am I a joke? A lot of gays don't take bi erasure seriously. It's like they're saying, "Oh haha, that's just the thing that they're upset about, but they're not a real gay/haven't settled on their identity so it's not a problem." Don't you dare fucking infantilize us. We're fully part of the community and it's not YOUR place to evaluate our queerness. To determine if it's "enough." How terribly offensive.

If you're talking about how you can "turn" people and convert bisexual people, or how bisexual people ruin gay and lesbian spaces, or about how we're "experimenting," or somehow less committed than anyone else, you should be ashamed. We're right there with you pushing for a better society and to shit on us like this makes me so angry.

@bee I'm half Ashkenazi on both sides of my family. I was raised Christian. My mom's family were DEEPLY assimilated German Jews and my dad BRIEFLY went to Hebrew school as a kid but was never raised Jewish. You bring up being Jewish at family events and you get nervous laughter. Even though my dad is a dead ringer for old Jeff Goldblum.

@mopedad BTW, I am the proud papa of a trans child too. He was beautiful as a girl, and he's equally pretty as a guy after a year on T. It's kinda disgusting. 😀

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