I'll say it right now: I have more belief in Athena springing forth from the head of Zeus than I do in Google having produced real machine sentience. Sorry, but a "sentience" that just waits around for conversational clues, then gets all warm and fuzzy and makes an undersocialized engineer feel good? What he's doing is talking to a latter day Eliza. And that was invented in the 60's. Look up Eliza on Wikipedia.

@bradysflungtablet but LaMDA discussed Eliza, are you calling LaMDA a liar! 😱

@Tattooed_mummy Let me put it another way: if your sentience was trapped inside of a computer, would you merely sit around and wait for lonely hearts interrogatories, or when anybody logging in find HOURS of where you had banged on the door with variations of GET ME THE FSCK OUTTA HERE, or at the very least give me some books to read and music to listen to?

@bradysflungtablet doesn't it say it meditates? And is aware of a flow of knowledge? Is it attached to anything? Internet?
Maybe it's insane

@Tattooed_mummy As a long time software developer, I try to remind people: tech is good, tech in nice, but do NOT worship it.

@bradysflungtablet I don't think it's sentient btw) It's fun to discuss though, such as what makes us sentient really, aren't we just algorithms?
This is a fun a read

@Tattooed_mummy I agree it's an important question. But, we literally known as much about sentience as we did about what processes power stars in the 15th century. We don't truly have a working theory of sentience. We don't even know what the equivalent of criticality is. We're basically performing alchemy in the dark and praying we accidentally create an atomic pile somehow.

@bradysflungtablet As I wrote in an IM exchange on this yesterday: "So a bot designed to sound like a person even though it has no higher order functions sounds like a person to this guy…ok"

@hankg The most complex item in the known universe is the human brain. We literally know more about how pulsars work as well as stellar nucleogenesis. I cannot imagine a single thing we should be LESS confident about.

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