@bradysflungtablet For some reason I just read "aspie" as "apple" and was very confused what the hell that had to do with anything

@bradysflungtablet I'm an Aspie myself, noted his eyes are always distorted, just out of focus, and continually out of the camera directly. Sociopathic behavior is generally exhibited. He reported me for noticing that and my account got suspended. Along with noticing it with several elected officials like Rand Paul.

@bradysflungtablet Twitter doesn't employ literary analysts or compositional break down techniques. Largely, their moderators don't even use that for analysis of statements pooled from sites like 4chan, StormFront, and or DailyStormer.

@Byte I'm on the spectrum.It was an active diagnosis when I was tagged by it, and it signals I'm pretty high functioning. I mean, I'm quirky as hell and rub neurotypicals the wrong way, but I'm not exactly Rainman either.

@bradysflungtablet I don’t like “high functioning” either. And it’s not an active diagnosis anymore, you have autism like the rest of us.

Stop using neurotypical people’s ableist language to describe yourself.

@Byte My best friend growing up was so profoundly autistic that he communicated only via various sounds that only his mother and myself could decode. I'm been living this a very long time now, and certainly since before there were any diagnostic terms for it.

@bradysflungtablet and non verbal people have AAC devices now, which are a remarkable tool to help them be more independent. He’s not _more_ autistic, he has different symptoms.

@Byte @bradysflungtablet you don’t get to decide how other people identify themselves though.

@MexicanYenta @Byte Byte has no idea how freeing it is to self identify as such and not be ostracized for it. My own parents called me "the weird one" and would make fun of me to family. I wasn't diagnosed with what was then called Asperger's until I was 30. I'm not gonna be language lawyered on it any more than say a gay person who prefers to self label as queer.

@Byte @bradysflungtablet I don’t understand why people get so upset about things that don’t affect them. 🤷🏻‍♀️

@bradysflungtablet Truer words, rarely spoken. 💯💯💯

Being autistic is being autistic. Has nothing to do with the harm that Musk clearly enjoys causing through his hoarding and business practices, much less the fact that he clearly doesn't care -- not even from a logic and reasoning standpoint.

@Nocta Apartheid Blofeld's entire act is being the eternal toddler throwing a tantrum for attention.

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