So, just a reminder:

Racist edgelords, crybaby straight(ish) white incels, any combination of the preceding with those who love posting tons of manga/hentai un-content warned, homophobes, you are not welcome federated to

Are. Not.

This instance is for residents of New Orleans, people with a strong interest in the culture of New Orleans/South Louisiana, etc, and it's a black/biracial culture. Your garbage is unwelcome here.

Here ended the lesson.

Dude, just use fediblock if you’re trying to avoid problematic instances. “Threatening” to become the 4000th left-leaning instance to block the right-wing ones just makes you look silly, especially so because you have 16 users who have posted a combined total of less than 1,000 statuses according to

Because there are at least 15 replies to your OP, and they’re basically all making fun of you. They enjoy this kind of stuff, you’re just giving them what they want.

@dave You know what they're doing?

Let me explain it to you. There's this great scene in the original "Dawn of The Dead" where a zombie is trying to get at a woman refueling a chopper and he's behind her back and to get to her he climbs up onto like a curb, which makes him high enough to get the top 3 inches of his head chopped off by the chopper blade.

How the zombies feel about this, I don't care. It drew them out into the open and walking happily head first into the blade.

@bradysflungtablet you know your being racist right? Your literally are Hypocrite. Don’t try and take moral high ground when you have nothing to stand on. The lesson you should learn is to actually accept anyone and everyone, not anyone but white people. If you feel the need to block both my instances because my option angers you then please do. Have a great day 👍.


Gotta say I looked at your timeline and you have no credibility bitching about the quality of others' posts
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