Just a reminder that Twitter perceives the Fediverse as a threat, and their project Blue Sky is actively spreading FUD about ActivityPub on their website. blueskyweb.xyz/blog/3-6-2022-a

@atomicpoet they've been blabbing about BlueSky for 2.5 years with nothing to show for it. Plus, what they are ostensibly trying to do (decentralized protocol) is directly opposed to their business model (centralized walled garden).

BlueSky is a FUD project, entirely.

@atomicpoet but! It's fun to quote Jack Dorsey on how moderation at global :birdsite: scale is impossible, and how a decentralized protocol is the correct solution.

Can't wait for Jack to join fedi.


@rysiek @atomicpoet Mastodon and other decentralized media figured this out long ago. Instances take care of their own moderation philosophy, and shut out instances that are obnoxious about their differences.

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