So, :

I'm the primary admin (there are/will be others) of a new instance,, that is primarily meant for New Orleans Birdsite refugees. I'm a long time software engineer and Mastodon/#fediverse fan. Definitely , , , . Significant Ashkenazi ancestry, so mouthy (but respectful) Jew alert.

Feel free to follow for tech talk, social critique, New Orleans issues, etc.

I came, I saw, I tooted.

@bradysflungtablet I like the idea. Do you happen to know if anyone has something similar planned for Houston birdsite refugees?

@skquinn Don't know, but it sounds like a good idea for sure. I've felt for several years that the future of social media should be tied more to local communities and decentralized.

@bradysflungtablet I'd do it but I'm kind of stretched thin as it is. Two blogs, a local pinball league I'm trying to grow, and paid work (merchandising, and occasional face painting gigs).

I visited New Orleans last year with a friend and had the pleasure of visiting the Southern Jewish Museum there right after it opened (I think it was open 2 or 3 days when we visited?) Spectacular museum! Ah….. I love New Orleans.

@bradysflungtablet Interesting! @nerd another instance to watch out for, but the above seem like good people! Still, be on the lookout for newer instances popping up, especially on the Fedi Block hashtag. To the OP, it's very good that you are hosting your own instance! I hope others will do the same. This is the strength of the #fediverse why did you find the need to point out you were jewish?

Also your introduction sounds like a grooming alert, but I respect people mounting up instances, so I hope you too respect your users privacy.

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